Product List
San Juan Salsas are made fresh 5 days a week with the finest ingredients available.  We use the best pear tomatoes on the market.  They are cold packed to give our salsas excellent flavor year round.  Our 4 fresh vegetables, 2 fresh herbs, and unique blend of herbs and spices, give our salsas a wonderful flavor profile.  We use Raw Apple Cider Vinegar as our (natural) perservative.  
Our tortilla chips are made for us, using our recipes, by our neighbors in Oregon.  Our corn is non-GMO and they are fried in Expeller Pressed High-Oleic Safflower Oil, the best heart heathly oil available.
Our products have always been All Natural, Gluten Free and contain 0g Trans Fats per serving.

Mild San Juan Salsa...This mild salsa has the same great flavor profile of our other salsas without the heat.  We add just a small amount of spice for that timid palate.
Medium San Juan Salsa...This is our best selling salsa.  It has the perfect amount of heat, making it a favorite to satisfy the family and a sure bet to take to any gathering of friends, family and strangers.
Hot San Juan Salsa...We have increased the heat on this one, but it is a true hot, comfortable for those who like a little more spice in their lives and on their palates.
Afterburner San Juan Salsa...This is our hottest salsa.  We strive to satisfy those who like hot, without causing harm to their taste buds.  We get many compliments on the balance we have struck between heat and flavor.  It is our philosophy that no salsa should be so hot as to ruin your ability to enjoy the other foods you eat.
Our Mild, Medium, Hot and Afterburner San Juan Salsas are all cooked to 180 degrees.  This blends the flavors of our wonderful ingredients, it adds shelf-life to these salsas and it sweetens them just a bit.
Traditional San Juan Salsa...This is an uncooked medium salsa.  We use all the same great ingredients in this salsa, but we do not cook it.  It has the raw onion and garlic profile along with that fresh "green" taste from the peppers and herbs.  This is our favorite salsa to cook with.
 Specialty Salsas
​Salsa Verde...This tradition green salsa has a tomatillo base with lots of cilantro.  A great salsa for chicken and cream based dishes.
Pineapple Mango Salsa...This is a mild, sweet tomato based salsa with crushed pineapple and fresh mango chunks.  Our secret, the way we blend this salsa to give the perfect balance of sweet and savory.  Not only is this salsa a chips' dream, it is excellent on pork, chicken and fish.
Tortilla Chips
All Natural Tortilla Chips...Our original yellow corn triangle tortilla chip.  These light, crispy and non-greasy chips are fried in Heart Healthy High-Oleic Safflower Oil.  
Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips...Our original chip in a round shape.  Same great chip as our All Natural Tortilla Chip and as with all our chips only lightly salted.
Fresh Salsas
White Corn Sesame Seed Chips...Our white corn chip has a little added flavor.  These round chips have toasted sesame seeds to give them a slightly nutty flavor.  They are fried in the same Heart Healthy oil and are great paired with any of our salsas, but because of their nutty flavor, we often use them like crackers.